27, 28 and 29 November 2017      

envelopeCongreso@protocolo.com phone91 310 18 03


The International School of Protocol (EIP), in collaboration with the International Organization of Ceremonial and Protocol (OICP), promotes the meeting of professionals in Communication, Protocol and related disciplines :, Personal Image, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising , in order to establish different meeting points between the new ways of acting by public and / or private institutions in relation to their message transmission programs.

To do this, they summon all professionals in the communication, personal image, social relationship, protocol and public relations sector to participate in this three-day meeting, in order to establish the new bases of action on those that are going to move professional development together with the necessary transformation and adaptation of other traditional disciplines of social relations to the new times, such as communication, protocol, personal image, advertising, public relations, marketing.

It is therefore a matter of reconciling the new concepts and new applications of these disciplines linked together in order to provide the institutions with the appropriate comprehensive communication tool through the coordination of all of them in professional development.

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