27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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This meeting will be developed adapted to the new ways of organizing in these times fostering the experience of experiences and the interrelation among the assistants.

  • In the mornings, lectures, workshops, round tables and communications will be established in four alternative rooms in which a discipline will be developed in each of them: Corporate Communication, Protocol and Personal Image, always in its relationship with the rest of the disciplines communicative for its development during the mornings.
  • The afternoons of the congress will become an authentic, diverse and complete social program in which not only will be offered a wide range of possibilities of living experiences that Valladolid has and its province, but also will be complemented by a small talk explaining the complications organizational aspects of the experience that will be attended.

We can enjoy extra classroom experiences, which allow the interrelation between different professionals with the experiences of the many professional experiences that are already being prepared: "learning by doing".

In this way, different novelties are presented:

  • Under the motto of "Everything that can be read in a blog or in any other space will have no place in this congress", it does not make sense that nobody travels to listen to something that can be seen in another forum and, therefore, we will propose, within the axes approved topics, pleasant and above all experiential presentations supported by practical issues.

  • Model TEDx: The elected speakers will be asked to present their papers, which will be presented throughout the morning in the different alternative rooms of the conference venue, consisting of monologues supported by audiovisuals that have some experience on the chosen theme.

  • Transversality: In the spirit of uniting the communicative disciplines, all the speakers will be asked to, in the course of the presentation or personal experience that exposes, join to their specialty the particular circumstances that affect with the rest of related disciplines. In this way we will see, for example, how a communication professional will speak not only of the communication itself, but of the complexities that are created in the union with the necessary protocol, marketing, advertising, etc.

  • Social program inserted in the scientific program: EXTRA EXHIBITIONS CLASSROOMS

    This is one of the great novelties of this meeting. We have insisted that not only interesting lectures can be listened to but can be learned by doing a certain activity. In this way, in the afternoon, we will move the conference venue to different spaces where at the same time they can show us the organizational complexities of what we are visiting, we can live the experience of that visit live


EXAMPLE: There will be a presentation on sports protocol. Well, this presentation will be held in the box of the stadium of Real Valladolid, CF and at the same time we can live in situ that box, they will explain the complexities of it, as well as the coordination of communication, marketing and protocol that is carried out in that institution.

In all these experiences that I detail below, in addition to being fun and cultural, the guide or actor or the communication / protocol / marketing responsible for the entity, will explain how the visit is managed: organization, permits, travel, management, production, etc ... or the complexity of what is done there.

In this way, we are finishing preparing the following EXPERIENCES THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO OFFER TO ALL CONGRESSES:

  • The lunches "Vente de tapas por Valladolid"

In order to encourage the interaction of attendees, work lunches will be held in different establishments in which at the same time you can taste the exclusive and exquisite cuisine of the catering establishments that distinguishes the city, you can share with the rest of the congressmen in a playful and relaxed atmosphere.


We want to turn this dinner into an authentic party where, in a unique space, you can, at the same time you taste a special menu, attend a light and sound show with the consequent organizational explanation of the production of this event and all it with the corresponding humor notes.

The most innovative issue of this congress is the METHODOLOGY that will be developed, with the aim of becoming not only a meeting point between professionals, but it will be constituted as a true LEARNING FORUM of different themes.

The assistants, not only will be able to listen to the different presentations of certain professionals on different topics with the corresponding transversality, but they will be able to participate in different round tables, realize different workshops, attend real experiences and / or interact with the rest of congressmen in the program Social.

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