27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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The general organization of the congress will be structured in the following governing or advisory bodies:






Excmo. Mr. D. Iñigo Mendez de Vigo y Montojo

Minister of Culture Education and Sports

HE Mr. Juan Vicente Herrera

President of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León

Excma. Mrs. Silvia Clemente Municio.

President of the Courts of Castile and Leon

Excmo.Sr. D. Oscar Puente

Mayor of Valladolid

Excmo. Mr. Jesús Julio Carnero García.

President of the Diputación de Valladolid.

Excma. Mrs. María José Salgueiro.

Delegate of the Government in Castile and Leon.



It will be the highest decision-making body of the program and it is essentially the responsibility of approving the general budget, setting the conference guidelines, approving its scientific content and final general program, approving the corporate image and any actions aimed at preserving the good outcome of the meeting.

It will meet at least three times before the congress, and at its first meeting, approve the budgets and the initial program.



D. Herminio González, President of OICP


Mr. Juan Angel Gato, President of AEP

D. Rafael Vidal, president of the Technical Association of Protocol and Public and Institutional Relations of Galicia

Mr. Josep Solá, President of ACPRI

Ms. Elena Alvarez García, President of APECA

D. Javier Eiroa, President of the Association of Communication, Public Relations and Protocol of Cordoba (ACRP)

Javier Carnicer, President of the Aragonese Protocol Association

Ms. Marina Fernández, Director, RRII Group EIP

DIRCOM Representative

Representative of AICI


Mr Hugo de Faria Almeida, Vice-President 2º OICP

Mr Eduardo Sadous, Vice-President 4º OICP

Ms. Laura Mora, Vice-President 5ª OICP

D. Jorge Daniel Salvati, Advisory Committee of the OICP Presidency

Mr. Alejandro Negro, director of the area of ​​Institutional and International relations of OICP

Mr. Marcílio Reinaux, Area Director of Honors and Distinctions of OICP

Mr Catalin Grosu, President ARP

Ramona Rodriguez, rector of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua

Ms. Manuela Suarez, director of EIP Granada



It is the highest decision-making body of the scientific program and is essentially responsible for deciding the topics to be developed, as well as the speakers and the admission of communications.



Mr. Gerardo Correas, Chairman of Grupo EIP



Ms. Laura Mora, Vice-President 5ª OICP

Ms. Elianne Ubillús, General Secretariat OICP

D. Jorge Vidaurreta, director International Network of Homologated Centers

Mr. Fernando Ramos, Director, International Academy of Protocol

Mr. Luis Gabriel Caballero, Director of Professional Deontology of OICP

Mr. José Daniel Benítez, Director of the OICP Economic Area

Dina Mariel Calix, Director EIP Honduras

Ms. Karina Vilella, Director of the Karina Vilella Diplomacy Center

Javier Aguado, representative of the AEP

DIRCOM Representative

Representative of AICI

Ms. Pilar Muiños, director of EIP Galicia

Mr. Diego Zala, Director EIP Madrid

D. Francisco Suárez, communication director of XVI CIPRO

Mr. Juan Manuel Jiménez, Director of Professional Development EIP



It will be formed by the coordinators of the Organizing Committee and the Director of the Congress and members of the local committee.

Its function is the management of the agreements adopted by the Organizing Committee, general control of the preparations and execution of the Congress, allocation of expenditure to suppliers, expenditure control, institutional relations, relations with the speakers, establishing the promotion campaign and relations With the Technical General Secretariat.



Ms. Yvone de Souza, president of the Brazilian Ceremonial College

Mr. Victor Mendoza, Director of the OICP Training Area

Ms. Iris Núñez, Deputy Secretary General for the Americas OICP

Ms. Csilla Felfoldy, Representative of the Presidency for Europe OICP

Mr. Luis Atilio Arroyo, Director, International Data Center OICP


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