27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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Professor of protocol and International Relations at Kodolanyi Janos University

PhD student at University of Pecs. (Hungary)

Nikoletta Hosso was the chief coordinator of 17th FINA's Victory Ceremony and FINA Masters WorldChampionship in 2017.
She has extensive experience in diplomatic protocol and sports events, having participated in the organization and coordination of championships such as the Budapest Water Summit in 2016, the UEFA FUTSAL final, the European Judo Championships and the Wrestling World Championship, or organized ceremonies on the occasion of the 650 Jubilee Anniversary of the foundation of the first university in Hungary.
She gained experience in the field of official protocol while working in the Ministry of National Economy and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
She is currently a professor of protocol and international relations in several institutions and doctorate at the University of Pecs, where she prepares her dissertation on Diplomacy and sports protocol.
Owner and executive manager of Protocol Center of Europe, has published six books on protocol, sports protocol, diplomacy and international relations.


"17 FINA World Championship: Sport Protocol at the third largest sporting event in the world"

It has been the biggest challenge in Hungary’s sport history to successfully host the 17th FINA World Championships and the 17th FINA World Masters Championships as these events have been re-scheduled for 2017 instead of in 2021 as originally planned.

These are simply the greatest events in our history and the third largest sporting event after the Olympics and World Championship FIFA with only 2 years to prepare instead of 7 and organize every step. In July, the WCH elite with 2500 athletes (including 6 World Championships- swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming, snorkeling, diving and water polo) required almost 80 award ceremonies, and only the Masters Tournament with almost 10.000 athletes competing, required 80 award ceremonies in diving, 20-30 award ceremonies in open water swimming and water polo, and 520 award ceremonies only in swimming.

I was working for the Organising Committee as Head of Victory Ceremonies and Protocol Adviser, and in my presentation I wish to give an insight of the immense organizational work and incredible realisation of all Victory Ceremonies in 5 different venues in July and August so that we can all learn from my experiences.

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