27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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Dircom is a professional association that brings together managers and communication professionals from companies, institutions and consultants.

1992 was born from the initiative of a group of outstanding communication professionals motivated by the growing importance and scope of their responsibilities in business and society.

Dircom has as a vision to value the role of communication and communication director in organizations in such a way that said competence and its managers are considered as a strategic area and manager. Its mission is carried out through four strategic axes: recognition, professional development, networking and responsible management / CSR.

At present, it has almost 1.000 partners and 7 regional offices: Dircom Aragon, Dircom Canarias, Dircom Castilla y León, Dircom Catalunya, Dircom Galicia, Dircom Comunitat Valenciana and Región Murcia and Dircom Norte. Since July, 2013 also has a Management Board in Andalusia.

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