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AICI or International Association of Image Consultants is the leading and largest professional association of image consultants or consultants from around the world. It is a non-profit association and aims to be a source of education, experience, excellence and ethics for Professionals of the Image. She is also dedicated to philanthropic work through projects such as "Authentic Beauty Uncompromised", Responsible Beauty and collaborations with entities to support groups such as the elderly or cancer patients.

This association brings together advisors specialized in image management, both personal and corporate, guaranteeing clients a professional service with the objective of achieving personal security, improving self-esteem, credibility and trust in their job or in their Different roles.

The areas of work of the Association are: Companies and organizations, working on their Corporate Image, the visual impact of employees. People, advising on clothing, personal care, etiquette and protocol and verbal, non-verbal and written communication.

The different professionals can be specialized in several aspects such as personal shopping or personalized accompaniment of purchases, executive presence, design and creation of uniforms, styling and makeup, personal brand etc.

AICI contributes to the development of the profession of Consulting or Consulting in Image through:

  • NETWORKING: Bringing together people and companies looking for image consulting services with the right expert for their needs.
  • PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY: Providing tools that strengthen the professional image of its associates.
  • EDUCATION: Offering continuing education programs: tele-classes, online and on-line events, as well as its Biannual Conference, attended by image experts from dozens of countries.
  • QUALITY: Increasing industry standards through a rigorous member certification program.

The Vision of AICI

A world in which all individuals and organizations have the opportunity to develop their trust and charisma to grow.

Mission of AICI

AICI is a global organization whose goal is to establish and promote the highest professional standards for image consultants and consultants in physical appearance, behavior and communication.


  • Collaboration and partnership building
  • Continuous training
  • Excellence
  • Integrity and respect

A little history

At the beginning of the 80 years, many people discovered the world of image advisory thanks to several books phenomena of sales related to color and physical appearance like "Dress for Success" and "Color me Beautiful". These new professionals needed support and education to grow, so in 1983 two associations of image consultants, AIC were created on the East Coast of the USA and AFIC on the West Coast.

AICI was founded in the United States at 1990 as a result of the merger of these two associations with the aim of creating a stronger and more global entity. Currently AICI has members in fifty countries from all continents. In Latin America, the first chapter was founded in Mexico City, with another in Guadalajara, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

More than 1.000 image consultants, stylists and image consultants are members of AICI and more than 3000 students representing the future of the industry are academic members of AICI.

AICI in Spain

AICI has been present in Spain since 2010 when the first AICI ambassador in Spain, Carie Mercier, was appointed in order to publicize the association and provide information and support to the country's partners.

The first step to becoming a chapter or chapter, which is the official grouping that AICI has in each territory, was given in Spain in February of 2015. It was when the AICI Spain Circle was created, an administrative figure that groups at least 4 members of AICI in a certain territory that meet periodically to organize activities and the development of the profession. This fact gave impulse to the Spanish members and we managed to organize our first congress "The Image Consulting Congress" the 12 of June in Barcelona with more of 100 assistants.

After the success of the event we managed to gather the sufficient number of members to create the chapter AICI Spain or AICI Central Spain, with which from the 1 of July of the 2016 begins to operate in Spain the International Association of Consultants of Image, chapter Spain or Central Spain, which is the official name in English.

The 7 of October is organized in Madrid, the second edition of the Image Consulting Congress in the Financial Circle Genoa again getting together more than 120 professionals from 5 countries.

The Board of AICI Spain for the period 2016-18 is composed of Carie Mercier, President, Beth Borés, Vice President, Victoria Navarro, Treasurer, Zohra Bena, Treasurer and VP Eventos and Marifé Rodríguez VP Marketing.

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