27, 28 and 29 November 2017      

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Dircom is a professional association that groups together managers and communication professionals from companies, institutions and consultancies.

It was born in 1992 from the initiative of a group of outstanding communication professionals motivated by the growing importance and scope of their responsibilities in business and society.

Dircom's vision is to value the function of communication and the communication director in organizations in such a way that said competence and its managers are considered as a strategic area and manager. Its mission is carried out through four strategic axes: recognition, professional development, networking and responsible management / CSR.

At present, it has almost 1.000 partners and 7 territorial delegations: Dircom Aragón, Dircom Canarias, Dircom Castilla y León, Dircom Catalunya, Dircom Galicia, Dircom Comunitat Valenciana y Región Murcia and Dircom Norte. Since July 2013, it also has a Management Board in Andalusia.

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