27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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The International School of Protocol is one of the first centers in Spain that among its training plans offers undergraduate degree and postgraduate studies and specialization courses in Organization of Events, Protocol and Institutional Relations. These degrees are endorsed by different national and foreign universities.
But the School is not just a training center. It is a private entity, led by a group of recognized specialists in the field of Protocol that has:

• Research Center.
• Data center.
• Publications Service.
• Specialized library.
• Advice service to public and private institutions.
• Media specialized in the Protocol and Events sector.

In addition, she is the organizer of the main international Protocol events:

International Protocol Congress
International Protocol Prize
The International School of Protocol, formed by a network of centers with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Granada, Asturias, A Coruña, Tegucigalpa, and Paraguay, has established itself as the first worldwide center specialized in training in Protocol, Institutional Relations and Event management . More than 15.000 students have gone through their different classrooms. Of these, the 60% currently hold management positions in protocol departments. A really important percentage that shows the growing activity in this sector, the professional push it has, the increasing business and institutional demand and the future so interesting that it offers.

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