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What has been called WORK MEETINGS, has become a true market, especially in certain countries such as Spain, which moves a very important and relevant sector of the country's economy.

is defined as "meeting tourism", since it is a significant amount of people who travel to other places in order to develop business meetings or meetings of another type including in those trips the tourism factor.

From there, this is born MARKET OF WORK MEETINGS, which consists of the organization of public or private events, aimed at groups of people with a common interest to address issues of a political, business, scientific, social, cultural, sports, etc.

It is divided into two large groups: Associative meetings or corporate meetings.

The associative meetings or congresses (later we will define what a congress is) they form a fundamental part of this market. The Corporate meetings they are directed towards meetings that affect companies directly and divide themselves into internal meetings (employees of the same company) or external meetings (addressed to the components of the sector in which the company that organizes works (clients, suppliers, etc.)

This meeting market generates a tourism that is characterized, and distinguishes it from leisure tourism, by the duration of the trips, which are much shorter; by the frequency of the same, which is greater, since the professional, travels more times for these tasks than to take a vacation that is usually done once a year. They also distinguish this type of tourism the personality of travelers, because due to their level of experience is usually more demanding, at the same time not controlling both the cost and leisure.


The market of work meetingsMICE


Incentives: INCENTIVES

Conferences: CONGRESSES



We could differentiate the Sector MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions in three large groups:


Congresses, conventions, fairs, exhibitions, incentive trips, festivals.

It is a form of business tourism, which mobilizes opinion leaders in different branches of knowledge, science, technology, finance or commerce.


Usually brings together different professionals from the same company in order to make their employees know a new product, deal with strategic planning for the new campaign, etc.


The incentive is pleasure.

Used by the management of large companies to improve the performance of their employees.

They are encouraged with a trip that can be individual or group.


  • Congresses:

Academic conferences and other types of meetings with a purpose of discussion, dissemination or exchange of knowledge.

Directed to a specific sector to spread ideas and design common objectives.

The congresses are identified by the fact that attendees adopt an interactive role actively participating in presentations, forums and debates.

The most common themes of congresses in Spain, in order of importance are: medical, commercial, technological, university.

  • Conventions:

According to the definition given by Spain Convention Bureau, a convention It is an event of private vocation, usually organized by a single company, with a minimum duration of two days and at least fifty participants.

The conventions are aimed at generating business and the usual thing is that only members of the company or organizing companies attend

  • Seminars and seminars:

Is named journey to the specialized meeting that is usually held in a single day with a minimum duration of six hours.

They have a technical and academic nature. They are usually monographic: study of only one subject in depth

  • Fairs and exhibitions:

A fair is an event with a commercial exhibition format (stand).

It has an economic and commercial objective. There are fairs for all sectors. There are fairs exclusively for professionals of the sector and others dedicated to the general public although most of the fairs combine the two models.

The main objectives of a fair are:

- Publicize the news within a sector

- Establish commercial agreements

- Promote supplier / client contacts

  • Incentive trips:

It is a planned event to motivate employees to achieve the objectives. It is conceived as a prize.

They are also used to build customer loyalty or "create" equipment.

The incentive trip differs from other prizes in that it offers an experience. With it you get a direct emotional involvement with the company.

It is considered a powerful marketing tool.


OPC: Theorganizer Pprofessional Congresos.

Company specialized in the organization, planning, development and management of congresses

MCB: MAdrid Convention Bureau

Non-profit organization whose objective is to promote Madrid as a city of national and international meetings and facilitate its organization

DMC: Destination Management Company

Professional services company that designs, executes and coordinates the logistics of events, including accommodation, activities, tours, etc. at the destination of celebration.

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