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Apart from the different meanings that the RAE includes to define what a congress is, among which is "Meeting, usually periodic, in which, for one or several days, people from different places who share the same profession or activity present lectures or exhibitions on topics related to their work or activity to exchange information and discuss them ", the Spain Convention Bureau, he defines it as "a meeting of people, normally promoted by an association, society, professional association, federation, university, institution, etc. and whose average duration is two to three days and must have a minimum attendance of at least fifty participants ".

In India there is International School of Protocol, we have decided to simplify trying to compile in a phrase all that the organization of a congress means.


Congress definition protocol

This is the fundamental objective of any congress organization and on it all organizational techniques must revolve. From here, it will be necessary, for the purposes of organization, to know perfectly well what type of event we are in, given that not all congresses are the same since a congress that starts for the first time is not the same. organization of the XXVI Congress ...... which already has some customs, precedents, etc. what you have to contemplate

Analyzing the panorama of the congress market, it is also necessary to know the type of congress that we are going to organize since they do not have the same objectives, so their organization requires a series of different requirements. The congresses scientists organized by universities, are organized in different ways to congresses organized by schools or professional collectives (doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, etc.) or those organized by associations, private entities, etc. that have other parameters of organization with respect to the previous ones.

So by way of summary, we must take into account the omain objective of submitting a topic to debate, the different types, depending on who organizes them, in which the congress to be organized fits, and all of this must be done, taking into account the transcendence of it, whether at the local / regional, national or international level.

It will be a congress regional, that which is organized for assistants of a reduced community, while it will be extended to national when the majority of attendees are from the same country; or international, where people of different nationalities meet

Anyway, they all have many points in common that will be what we will be dealing with in this quick guide for organizing congresses.

In every congress you have to make a preliminary analysis of study of a series of main parameters and the objectives of the meeting, to determine the appropriate organizational needs.

El type congress that is going to be organized, does not depend only on its amplitude, (number of assistants or location) or who is the promoter of the congress, but also of another series of factors that must be studied carefully and previously so as not to fail from the first moment.

It seems obvious that we have to analyze the different TYPES OF POSSIBLE ASSISTANTS to this congress, given the necessary promotion (which we will analyze in subsequent posts), in the necessary segmentation of the audiences we are going to address so they can attend the congress.

A congress without congressmen does not exist!

Another factor to establish previously, even if only in a sketchy way, is that of the METHODOLOGY establishing the bases for the development of the program that will be followed: (debates, tables, lectures, workshops, leisure activities, etc. etc.)

El WHERE is going to hold the congress will also mark the main logistics guidelines that are going to be needed in the planning and organization. It is very important, and we will talk about the election of the venue of the congress in detail, having clear points in favor and against that every city has to organize congresses. In the choice of the place you also have to analyze the DATES to choose the most appropriate, since it can coincide with some issues that may affect the organization: other events that may interfere, parties, political stability, security, etc.

Finally, to clearly define the congress that is going to be organized, it is necessary to previously establish the different CONCRETE OBJECTIVES thereof.

In general terms, for the purposes of this analysis, the definition of these objectives will emerge from the analysis of the CONGRESSES OBJECTIVES, becauseor there is no doubt that The objectives of the congress should not be other than THE OBJECTIVES OF THE CONGRESS.

What are those possible objectives of the congressmen?

  • Participate as an issuer and receiver of professional methods
  • Raise your knowledge
  • Check that what you know and do is correct
  • Learn about the news of the profession, training centers, publications, associations, legislation, etc.
  • Find the right ideas to your aspirations and problems.
  • Rest of your daily life and sightseeing.
  • Make profitable the expense that means to participate in a congress.
  • Get new friends and / or contacts from your branch.

With the previous study of all these issues, NOTHING EASY TO DETERMINE, we will be able to initiate the steps previous to the planning of the congress, question that we will see in detail in the next post: PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS TO THE PLANNING.

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