27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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Rayko Lorenzo XVI International Protocol Congress

We started the series of publications with information from the speakers of the XVI International Protocol Congress with one of the experts who will intervene on the first day: Rayko Lorenzo, director of communication and marketing.

Rayko Lorenzo He holds a degree in Documentation and a master's degree in Creation and Management of EOI companies. He is currently the director of communication and marketing for Holding Empresarial, a member of the Night marketers Spain and professional in Tips to  Undertake. In addition, it is columnist in the 10.0 Entrepreneurs section of ElDiario.es.
Book author "Do not be the best ... fight to be different", his extensive professional experience has gone through the vice-presidency of the Andalusian Federation of Junior Companies or the secretariat of the CI omitted Executive of the Business Association Technology Park Health Sciences among other prominent positions.
His career has been recognized with his entry in 2011 as a member of the Advisory Board CEJE or the Young Entrepreneur Award of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Granada.

Presentation: "Event marketing ... eating fruit"

Rayko Lorenzo will expose the 3 "marketer" phases of an event.

Through similes with several fruits, he will review the characteristics of the same ones focused on the correct marketing of an event.

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