27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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International Congress of Protocol Karina Vilella

Another XVI International Congress of Protocol es Karina Vilella.

Karina Vilellahas been trained in the United States, in schools as The Protocol School of Washington, Hilton Hotel School and Community College of Houston. During the last twenty-three years he has worked in Argentina and abroad in activities related to public relations, image, corporate etiquette and diplomatic protocol. She works as a consultant in both official bodies and institutions and private companies in areas related to image, corporate etiquette, business protocol, social and official. It is the referent of these disciplines in the media. 15 has been running the Diplomacy Center of the Argentine Republic and currently holds the position of Institutional Director of the prestigious Colon Theater.

PONENCIA: "The self-boycott of the image"

Studies show that successful people are those who use the 85% of their personal marketing and only the 15% of the knowledge they do. Even so, they must sustain every day of their life this success with an impeccable image. The improper sayings, wearing inappropriate clothes, doing wrong actions or ignoring certain rules of protocol end in an instant with the image. I propose to develop these themes as the principles of self-boycott.

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