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In order to provide the congress with the necessary singularity, it is necessary to design and use a CONGRESS IDENTIFIER, which must be accompanied by the name of the same. This identifier will be used not only in the promotion of the congress but in all previous communications, all documentation and scenography of the congress.

CORPORATE IMAGE OF THE CONGRESSAlthough in design matters there are multiple variants it is necessary to be clear what is intended with the iCongress ID, taking into account a series of issues that are detailed below and that should be transferred to the professional who develops the visual identity:

  • the field and the target audience
  • what supposes of complement to the identity and image of the Institution that promotes the congress
  • the allegorical concretion or not of the main theme of the congress and its content
  • that indicates the edition and the denomination of the encounter

This identifier usually conforms to the creation of a logo and is powered by a legend that defines in a general way the main content of the congress. This legend will be concreted with a single phrase that perfectly defines the thematic axes.

Congress image

It will be of greater value to the Congress to choose a specific and specific theme that will mark the general lines. For example: "Protocol for coexistence", "Solid solutions" or as concretized in XVI edition of the International Congress of Protocol, corporate communication personal image and organization of events: "The union of the communicative disciplines" since this congress tries to analyze the necessary coordination of the related disciplines of communication incorporating an allegorical logo that enhances this message.

As you can see, other than that the design may taste more or less, we have focused on a modern image and its allegory explains the legend of discipline coordination.
We also incorporate the denomination, the edition the place, the year of celebration and the legend base of execution of the congress.



Until recently the documentation that generated a congress was very extensive, distinguishing the one that was treated internally and the one that was addressed to all the target audience to which the congress was addressed.

All this documentation, which should include THE IDENTIFIER OF THE CONGRESS, was made on paper until very recently, but now, much of it is digitized and sent to the congressmen either via mail or included in some APP, or any other medium available for mobile devices.

In any case, the documentation generated by a congress can be specified in the following documents:

  • Programme

Of the general program that will be an instrument of internal use, different documents can be made, divided into parts of the global, that will be used for different issues:

  • Official program
    • Welcome
    • Acknowledgements
    • Composition committees
    • Schedule full schedule
    • List of sponsors
    • Address of contacts, etc.
  • Social program: exposing social activities and their schedule
  • Schedule: in different formats to deliver to congressmen
  • Companion program
  • Program of other activities, etc.

The current tendency is not to make a book with all the full papers, although in certain types of conferences and especially in the research, it is essential to make this book with the corresponding official registration as it means a certification for the author of the papers , and on the other hand they become real texts of consultation. But in non-academic congresses it tends to realize a SUMMARY BOOK, in which each rapporteur is associated with a summary of his presentation and even incorporating the presentation with which it has been supported.

It is very convenient to make invitations to all acts, not only for the attendee to know and have complete information of the event in particular that can attend, but for their use as control attendance to that event. These acts that require invitation may be:

  • social events
  • lunches
  • complementary activities, etc.

The more information that is provided to the congressman, the better it will be attended to and above all, it will facilitate the organization as much as possible, since the incidences will be minimized by having the attendant complete information.
From the hours of religious services in the vicinity, to the pharmacies on watch, tourist guides, situation of shows, schedules of commerce, maps of the city, locations of the spaces, and a very long etcetera that will make the congressman simpler life in a place he does not know.

It is necessary to send letters not only in the preliminary planning phase to sponsors, committee members, etc. but in the execution and post-congress, such as letters of appreciation.

The heading of the correspondence should include the full name of the congress, place of celebration (city), date, as well as the logo, sponsor ("organized by ..." or "sponsored by ...") and the complete address of the congress . Some organizations include the names of committees, local or international.

It is very important that the speakers have as much information as possible to make it easier for them and for the organization to participate and that there are no distortions. After the first confirmation, you should be in constant contact with the speakers, giving them instructions on the participation (time of your presentation, arrival before your schedule, technical requirements, sending of the paper, etc.) and receiving any need they may need with the aim of being able to attend to them in the measure of the organizational possibilities.

All the rapporteurs should be given a ASSISTANCE DIPLOMApersonalized, as your participation as a congressman must be certified for the benefit of improving your curriculum.

The design work should also include the one of this diploma including the corporate identity and clearly specifying the date of celebration and the edition of the event.

Due to its importance, we leave this section for a later post, which will detail the most important aspects of accreditation

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