27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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El XVI International Congress of Protocol, Corporate Communication, Personal Image and Organization of Events It will be the first of the protocol congresses that will have its own mobile application. But Why an app?

Adapting to the technologies available at each moment is one of the keys of the communication society. It is not only about communicating, but about communicating better, improving not only that communication between the organizer and the assistants, but also of the assistants among themselves.
With the app #CIPROVALLADOLID Attendees will get timely and updated information before, during and after, so they can better plan their stay, their trip, their routes, the presentations they wish to attend or what experiences they want to sign up for.
The app also allows a greater interaction with the organization, because the congressmen will be able to participate in forums, consult their doubts, but it will also allow them to contact and contact other participants, facilitating the networking between assistants before and after the stay in Valladolid.
All the congress information always available on your mobile screen.
An app that allows the organization to be more effective, more professional and of course more ecological, reducing considerably the use of paper.
Register now at XVI International Congress of Protocol and download after the app to get the most out of your stay in Valladolid.


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