27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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Gathering on Congress of Protocol on Capital Radio

The program Afterwork presented and directed by the journalist Eduardo Castillo, 2017 Gold Antenna Award, dedicated the November edition of 13 to protocol and in particular to the XVI International Congress of Protocol.

Afterwork It is a relaxed and fun space in which to share ideas and experiences about business. Its director and presenter, Eduardo Castillo this time he gathered in the studio to Gerardo Correas, president of the International School of Protocol, Juan Ángel Gato, president of the Spanish Association of Protocol, Javier Aguado, responsible for protocol of the ONCE y Francisco Suárez, communication director of the XVI International Congress of Protocol.

One hour of talk about how the protocol influences the business in which things such as:

  • The protocol has been changing. The companies have been mimicking the official protocol to adapt it to the business world, but it is still in constant evolution.
  • The protocol makes the difference because it is astrategic communication of the companies.
  • The problem with a protocol failure is that it changes the message.
  • Each event must be turned into an experience to be remembered.

The complete program can be heard by clicking on the following image

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In that gathering, there was also talk about the great quantity and quality of speakers attending the International Protocol Congress, of the novel aspects of this edition and of the characteristics of Vlladolid as host city, turning it into a unique opportunity to learn, interact with other professionals and enjoy the complementary activities to make this meeting a unique experience.


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