27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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Previous indications International Protocol Congress

The dates of the XVI International Congress of Protocol and we have everything ready to receive all the congressmen in the best way.

We have proposed as a great objective of this meeting which, in addition to enjoying the high level of the speakers who make up the scientific panel and EXPERIENCES that we are going to live in that social program framed in the scientist, you can ENJOY your stay among us, fostering friendship and sharing everything that unites us.
For all this we want to inform you of different issues that we consider of interest and we ask you to read them with the maximum attention in the assurance that it will result in a better organization.


One of the complicated moments of every congress is that of accreditation. To avoid as far as possible the agglomerations, we will perform the following actions:


Each congressman has been sent an email with an attachment that contains a TRANSITORY ACCREDITATION that can be used to enter directly into the room where the inauguration will take place. Then, throughout the morning, until 13,30 hours you can go to collect your definitive accreditation and the congressman's kit for the Hall of Mirrors the Calderón Theater where the congress center has been installed.


It will be installed in the Hotel OLID, (Plaza de San Miguel, 10) a WELCOME DESK where everything will be prepared to be accredited previously so that you can arrive on Monday 27 directly to the opening. The welcome desk will be operative all day 26 of 10: 00 to 22: 00. As far as possible, we recommend all congressmen to attend this welcome desk to avoid crowds on Monday.
On Monday 27, the opening will begin at 9,00 hours on the dot.



On Sunday, 26 day, we will have installed an information point at the Valladolid train station where we will help you with any questions you may have.


The realization of the EXPERIENCES is an important organizational challenge, because we are going to carry out more than 50 activities every day dividing the 800 congressmen into small groups of 30-40 people. For this reason, we ask for your collaboration and help in this complicated operation and, above all, understanding in the STRICT COMPLIANCE OF THE ESTABLISHED SCHEDULES.
In the congressman's kit there will be a personalized document for each one of the congressmen with the experiences that each one has selected, the schedule of the same and the places of departure.


In order that you can enjoy the local cuisine where their "tapas" stand out, we have planned a series of establishments that you can access and taste the prepared menus. To pay for the consumption, you must deliver the ticket that will be delivered to the congressman's kit that you will receive at the time of accreditation.
The establishments, chosen for their quality, are all in the surroundings of the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid, and in the kit you will have a situation map of them. You will also have them in the Congress APP.


In India there is International School of Protocol, we think that the label is a personal choice of each one that must adapt to each situation, so it is convenient that the host give the necessary indications between the expected temperature and the meaning of the social events so that your guests feel as comfortable as possible. For that reason, we indicate to you how we are going to go dressed ourselves:

Presentations in the theater: WORK FORMAL
Experiences: VERY COVERED
Tuesday dinner party 28: C = Formal / S = Cocktail

To know the time that you are going to do these days in Valladolid, it is a bit early yet because the Meteorology Statal Agency makes weekly predictions. Anyway, on the Internet, there are already some forecasts.


Attendees will get timely and updated information before, during and after, with which they can better plan their stay, their trip, their tours, the presentations and experiences. We advise everyone to download the free application CIPROVALLADOLID17 through your app store.
The application is free download and use, The part of interactive participation through walls and surveys is limited to registered congressmen, at the time of registration in the APP will ask for an event code that has been sent to each congressman for mail.

7 Wifi

In order to enjoy this app and many other things we have put WIFi points in the calderón theater where the presentations will take place and in the Millennium Dome where the Guild dinner
Each congressman will have a personalized wifi password that can be found in the plastic packet of his accreditation.


We are committed to assist you in the best way and for this, we put at your disposal since the 42 people who make up the work team for any matter that you might need and to which you can distinguish us by our red tie.


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