27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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Five reasons to attend the International Protocol Congress

Another one of the main reasons why to go to the XVI International Protocol Congress, Corporate Communication. Personal image and Organization of Events is the networking.

If one of the main reasons to attend the congresses is to learn from the speakers and with the presentations, there is an added element in this type of event that also encourages this learning and is the interaction among the attendees. Having the opportunity to meet and interact with other colleagues in the profession and related disciplines is the best networking opportunity.

The organization of XVI International Congress of Protocol wants to facilitate during the three days of the congress the interaction between attendees, and not only among attendees but also with the ponetes, to achieve an active networking by exchanging information and contacts and encourage the establishment of relationships with people who share our professional interests.

That's why in addition to the typical foodspauses,as through the tapas route or sisterhood dinner, in which the congressmen can relate to each other, has been designed a calendar of experiences so that in smaller groups the attendees get to know each other better and coincide with different people in each of them.

In addition, some lists have been created on twitter both speakers and Attendees, so that users of this social network can easily locate other users in the congress.

And finally, the congress app, available in android e ios with which all who download it can contact the other users of the application. All at a click of the mobile.



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