27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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Dear congressman:

After a few days of the celebration of our meeting in the XVI International Conference on Protocol, Corporate Communication, Personal Image and Organization of Events I want to get in touch with you first to thank you for your assistance.

One of the fundamental objectives that we had proposed at the beginning of the planning process was to treat all the attendees in the best possible way to make their stay with us as profitable and enjoyable as possible. To have achieved it is for us the best prize we could have.

It is true that we have received many congratulations that we are grateful for and that give us the strength to continue with our task, but surely there will have been organizational failures for which we would like to request the necessary apologies and requesting your tolerance in the security that the 42 people we composed the work team has put the soul in achieving a true meeting of friendship between professionals and colleagues from the same branch of knowledge, at the same time as optimizing the learning process that every congress should promote.

I have always said that the success of a congress does not make it a good organization. Success do it THE CONGRESS MEN, by the interaction of the assistants and their involvement, and this congress has been in that sense a true success. The congratulations have to be for each and every one of you.

"They say that if someone who knows something does not share it, it's as if they did not know it"
Thank you very much for your effort to come, but above all for sharing all your knowledge, your experience and your knowledge, helping everything to go as smoothly as possible, because in this way we have learned to learn from everyone and that is the best It can happen in a congress.

In my concluding speech I repeated with anticipated nostalgia that "we had reached the end". It is not true.

The end of the congress marks the starting point of many things.

Starting point in the different ways of organizing professional meetings.
Starting point in the necessary coordination of communication disciplines in the planning and execution of a strategic communication plan.
But above all, dear friend, I would very much like this to be the starting point of a splendid and profitable professional relationship based on the friendship that results from sharing our passion for our profession.


On too many occasions you hear that the protocol is something old, that it smells stale.
This is over.
From now on, breaking into the world of communication definitively, the protocol smells clean. That was the meaning we wanted to give to that candle that you found on the set of the congressman and that you will have verified that it actually smells clean.
Well done things are clean and the protocol, the personal image and the good communication must obtain results with return that smell clean.

For everything, I reiterate my gratitude and I want you to know that from this very moment you have me at your entire disposal for what you could specify not only on a personal level but in a professional manner both of me and of the whole group International School of Protocol.

I can only hope that you have the happiest Christmas that you could dream of and that all your wishes are fulfilled in the next 2018, and reiterate, on behalf of the entire team, our thanks for your assistance.

Receive my most cordial greeting and ....SEE YOU NEXT TIME that we will announce you properly.

Gerardo Correas
International School of Protocol
XVI International Congress of Protocol

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