27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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A congress does not end with the closing ceremony, because once all the congressmen have left there are still many tasks to be done, and we only refer to the dismantling, but to works such as issuing thank-you letters, preparing the event's memory, or collect all the material of the presentations.

That's how it wentEn International School of Protocol they have been doing all these things since the organizational team left the Calderón Theater. Part of that memory of the event you can see yourselves in the series of articles that we have published in The EIP blog with the tag This is how #CIPROVALLADOLID17 was made:

But all this work was done so that #CIPROVALLADOLID17 became the meeting point of reference of the protocol, communication and events, So the last organizational stage consists of sharing with both the attending congressmen, as well as those who could not attend, all the talks by our speakers so that not everyone can know how was the XVI International Protocol Congress, but because one of the main objectives of a congress is for specialists to share their knowledge so that others can learn.

You can access the videos of the presentations in the playlist that we have uploaded to the YouTube channel of International School of Protocol.

This was #CIPROVALLADOLID17: Videos of the presentations

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