27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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Unattended, 1h and 30 minutes

The visit will begin with a brief explanation of how a City Council organizes tourist routes that reveal its historical, architectural and heritage value. Afterwards, you will start the guided tour of the most emblematic historical courtyards of the city, where part of the day-to-day life of society was developed, and you can see what social communication was like at that time. Valladolid in the sixteenth century had documented more than 300 Palacios, on the route we discovered those courtyards of monasteries or palaces that are still in force and where they will tell us how ceremonials were developed, the label that was followed at that time and how were the Social and communicative relations in a society that has nothing to do with the current one. The visit begins in the Plaza de Zorrilla, we pass by the cloister of the French, Courtyard of Trojan Horse, Patio Herreriano, Courtyard of Fabio Nelli, Courtyard of the Royal Palace, Courtyard of the College of San Gregorio and Courtyard of Palace of Villena.

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