27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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The International School of Protocol (EIP), in collaboration with the International Organization of Ceremonial and Protocol (OICP), promotes the meeting of communication professionals, the Protocol and its related disciplines, in the framework of the XVI International Conference on Protocol, Communication Corporate, Personal Image and Event Organization
The objective of this meeting is to establish the new bases of action on which the professional development of the world of communication and protocol will be moved, together with the necessary transformation and adaptation of other traditional disciplines of social relation to the new times .
It is therefore a matter of reconciling the new concepts and the new applications of these disciplines united with each other in order to provide institutions with the appropriate integral communication tool through the coordination of all of them in professional development.

The Congress will be articulated around the following thematic blocks:

.Personal image
.Organization of events
.Public relations

The intention of this meeting is to work for the coordination of the communicative disciplines for which we consider of great importance IN THE TIME OF THE SELECTION OF ABSTRACTS, that the development of each thematic axis, is not a mere exposition of a specific subject but , Chosen the subject in question, should be influenced in its development fundamentally in the complexities of coordination of that chosen subject with the other disciplines that are involved in the actions to be developed.

Abstracts that approximate the suggested topics of study will be accepted. The selected authors will have the opportunity to read the communication in the congress as well as to participate in the digital book of papers that will be edited with the proceedings of the congress.
The defenses of the presentations will be made according to the format usually realized in TED TALKS, orienting the defense not as a mere theoretical exposition of the subject but as a monologue through which the subject in question is developed.
The presentations can be made in both English and Spanish.


Proposals for communication will include the following data in Spanish and English.

.- Name of author (s)
.- Institution for which you work
.- Brief CV of the author / s
.- Author's e-mail
.- Title of the communication proposed
.- Abstract of the communication (maximum ten lines)
.- Key words (maximum of five words)

The deadline for submission of proposals is 15 June 2017.
The Scientific Committee will inform the author of the acceptance of the proposed communication on June 20 2017
Authors who wish to defend their communication must be registered in the Congress.
Proposals should be sent to the following email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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